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~Automobile recycler committed to protecting Florida’s environment~     
DELAND – The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) today recognized the environmental commitment of Central Florida Pull ‘n Save in DeLand by designating the facility as a Florida Green Yard. The Florida Green Yards program helps automotive recyclers implement “green” practices that prevent pollution and find alternative uses for automotive parts. Central Florida Pull ‘n Save is the third facility in Volusia County and the 14th facility in DEP’s Central District to receive the designation. 
“DEP is proud to welcome Volusia County’s third automotive recycler to the select few members designated as part of the Florida Green Yards Program,” said DEP Central District Director Vivian Garfein. “As leaders in an industry known for the top recycled product in the United States, the automobile, the team members at Central Florida Pull ‘n Save recognize the importance of going above and beyond what is required and are doing their part to help protect our environment.”  
Central Florida Pull ‘n Save is a 7-acre you-pull-it facility which has implemented best management practices in the yard and vehicle management areas, in addition to recycling of non-ferrous products such as steel, aluminum, and insulated wires. The management team of the business has become a leader in the automotive recycling industry, in DeLand, and in Volusia County. Representatives from the City of DeLand and Volusia County joined DEP to recognize the auto salvage yard for its accomplishments at the designation ceremony.  
"Central Florida Pull ‘n Save is very satisfied and happy to achieve this Green Yards designation,” said Daniel Gennaro, Owner of Central Florida Pull ‘n Save.  “It has taken quite some time to get just the right team together to work towards and maintain this status. In addition, achieving and maintaining the designation will be beneficial not only to our business and the local economy, but the environment as well.” 
In an industry known for environmental challenges, the Florida Green Yards program helps automotive recyclers understand and comply with environmental regulations. 
Automotive recyclers that achieve the Green Yards designation prevent pollution by demonstrating environmental compliance with more than 35 best management practices ranging from proper container labeling to stormwater management. For more information, please visit Automobile recycling is one component that will help Florida reach its new statewide 75 percent recycling goal, which was established in House Bill 7135 and is known as the Energy, Climate Change, and Economic Security Act of 2008. The bill, signed into law by Governor Charlie Crist, also directs DEP to develop a program designed to achieve the 75 percent goal and submit it to the Legislature for approval by January 1, 2010. DEP is encouraging the public to assist in developing this plan and has created a public forum where interested persons can share thoughts, suggestions and comments, as well as view the contributions of other participants. 
For more information on the new statewide recycling goal of 75 percent, and to share your comments on ways to achieve this goal and view comments from others on our webbased forum, visit
Green Yard

"DEP is proud to welcome Volusia County's third automotive recycler to the select few members designated as part of the Florida Green Yards Program."


~ Vivian Garfein
Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Central District Director


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